Getting a FAST-R assessment of your research

Our FAST-R service provides fast-track advice on research from people with experience of mental disorders.

By Admin at 20 Feb 2017

Exploring the psychosis spectrum in Parkinson's disease

New review from Dementia Biomedical Research Unit explores the psychosis spectrum in Parkinson's Disease.

By Admin at 16 Feb 2017

CRIS blog: going deeper into the mental health record

How the Clinical Record Interactive Search (CRIS) is improving our understanding of mental disorders.

By Admin at 14 Feb 2017

Study reveals for first time that talking therapy changes the brain’s wiring

Study shows for first time that Cognitive Behaviour Therapy results in long-term changes to the brain's wiring.

By Admin at 17 Jan 2017

Exploring a new approach for people with Alzheimer’s disease

King's College London part of major new research project exploring role of immune cells in Alzheimer's Disease.

By Admin at 11 Jan 2017
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