Diverse populations

The population we serve in south London is hugely diverse. More than 300 languages are spoken in London schools. More than 30% of our population and more than 40% of our patient population comes from black, minority and ethnic (BME) groups.

Our aims in this research area are to translate knowledge, experience and evidence from population-based and interventional research in culturally diverse and resource-limited health systems into fulfilling the needs of UK BME populations.

Theme Lead: Professor Martin Prince

Our objectives

  • Develop cross-cultural dementia screening in the UK, based on our work in low income countries, in order to increase effectiveness of early detection in BME groups.
  • Cross-validate promising biomarkers in large diverse ancestry populations in order to add to the validity of such biomarkers and thereby add to their value in an international context.
  • Develop simple and effective dementia risk models for prediction of dementia onset in UK BME populations to aid early identification and to develop appropriate interventions.
  • Develop and perform early phase carer interventions in BME groups in the UK to improve carer health and carer effectiveness.