Bioinformatics and statistics

The NIHR Maudsley Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) has invested heavily in informatics infrastructure. We believe that biomedical research is undergoing a paradigm shift as a consequence of the huge and increasing volumes of data being generated, with considerable potential for translation to improve health care.

We aim to undertake bioinformatics and statistical translational research and to develop biomedical infrastructure complementary to the overall strategy of the BRC. This is done through the integration of rich clinical data from patient records with large variable datasets including genomics, epigenetics, proteomics, neuroimaging and others, to further describe psychiatric disorders.  Our bioinformatics team includes statisticians, bioinformaticians and data scientists.

Theme Leads: Professor Andrew Pickles and Dr Richard Dobson

Our objectives

Partnership and support: to provide infrastructure and expertise to support existing theme projects by partnering with the Clinical Disorder themes and other cross-cutting themes of the BRC.

Collaboration: to collaborate with external stakeholders to discover, validate and interpret biomarkers of clinical utility and patient benefit.

Innovative medical trials: to facilitate provision within electronic medical records of overlapping large variable datasets and enriched phenotypic data, to enable a raft of new studies that leverage extra insight into the mechanisms of disease, biomarkers and enable experimental medicine trials.

Translational research: to construct agents and tools to facilitate translation of findings back to the clinic.