Clinical and population informatics

This theme builds on two prominent achievements of the BRC:

The aim of this theme is to develop and harness these resources to deliver translational research for better mental health - not only to small and highly selected research groups but also to large and representative patient and community populations.

Theme Lead: Professor Robert Stewart

Our objectives

Enhanced resources: to enrich our clinical and population data resources by enhancing source data quality and depth, and extend these resources through developing links with internal and external datasets.

Improved use of datasets:

  • Develop CRIS into an internationally leading resource for mental health pharmaco-epidemiology.
  • Embed SELCoH within the BRC disorder research themes as a source of control participants, environmental risk factor profiles for biomarker studies and to improve healthcare accessibility.
  • Link CRIS and SELCoH with a range of public databases and apply geographic mapping to provide fine-grain environmental information on exposure profile, disorder risk and treatment response, in order to integrate these with the clinical record and high density biological databases.

Translational research: to translate informatics developments within the BRC to enable clinical record/service development (with the Patient and Carer Participation theme) and facilitate novel clinical trial design and application (with the Clinical Trials theme). The overarching goal will be the translation of developments and skill sets nationally through National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) infrastructure so as to contribute to wider national and international initiatives.