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If you are using CRIS for a research study and would value advice and support, or simply want to find out more about CRIS and the study support we offer, then come along to the BRC Nucleus on the first Tuesday of each month 1-2pm.


Monthly Seminar Series at the BRC Nucleus 2019

  • 14th March
  • 11th April
  • 9th May
  • 13th June
  • 11th July
  • 8th August
  • 12th September
  • 10th October
  • 14th November
  • 12th December

All seminars are held at the BRC Nucleus, 10.00 till 11.00.


Seminar 14th March

Speaker - Sagar Jilka 

Presentation On - Predicting schizophrenia stigma on Twitter using Machine Learning and patient involvement. 



Previous work investigating stigma on twitter showed that mental health conditions (notably schizophrenia) were more stigmatized compared to physical health conditions. We aim to develop methods to automate stigma detection on social media using machine learning.

We selected a random sample of 1,000 tweets and service users rated them as either stigmatizing or not stigmatizing. We tested eight classification models to identify the model that best classified tweets as stigmatising. Our random forest model performed best, and correctly classified 85% of the test dataset.

The ability to automatically measure stigma in tweets means there is the potential of developing targeted interventions and filters for individuals who do not want to see that stigmatising tweets on their timeline.



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