CRIS at 10 - Thursday 6 December 2018

Session 1: Evolving initiatives for healthcare records and research

OpenEHR - freeing the potential of EHR data for research - Anze Droljc

One London LHCRE - Luke Readman

AI in Health and Life Sciences: current status, future potential, and how do we succeed - Craig Rhodes

Session 2: CRIS projects - new and emerging research

Obstetric near-miss events among women with history of mental illness a data linkage study - Abby Easter

Disentangling complex conditions: dementia research in CRIS - Cristoph Mueller

Child and adolescent mental health investigations using CRIS - Johnny Downs

Investigations in pharmacoepidemiology in mental health using CRIS - Daniela Donseca de Freitas

Annotating temporal relations to determine the onset of psychosis symptoms - Natalia Viani

Session 3: Looking ahead - next steps for Clinical Informatics

UKCRIS - continuing the journey - Mike Dennis

The CogStack platform clinical applications and next steps - Dan Bean

Developing clinical informatics for mind and bran health in Cambridge - Rudolf Cardinal

Clinical Informatics in SLaM: good data in, good data out - Nicola Byrne

5 years of CRIS at Camden and Islington: lessons, outputs and vision - Nomi Werberloff


Temporal distribution of suicidality mentions in Electronic Health Records

The Clinical Data Linkage Service (CDLS)

Natural language processing as a cloud-based service for CRIS and beyond

Enriching psychotic disorder classification using natural language processing

Mental health-related conversations on social media and crisis episodes

Impact of cannabis use on clinical outcomes and treatment failure in first episode psychosis

Natural language processing to identify a cohort of suicidal adolescents for an epidemiological study

Use of Electronic Health Records in women's mental health research

eLIXIR - early-LIfe data cross-LInkage in Research

CRIS architecture and development over the last 10 years