Cell Therapy Unit

The Cell Therapy Unit (CTU) within the NIHR-Wellcome King's Clinical Research Facility (CRF) is a complex and sophisticated Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Unit for the manufacture of human cell and gene-based therapies. It is built to the exacting standards required to meet the licensing requirements of the MHRA, HTA and JACIE.


This GMP facility with three process suites contains:

  • Grade B suite with closed processing in 1 Grade A isolator: Hepatocytes and Islets cell isolation
  • Grade D suite with closed processing in 3 Grade A isolators: Cell Therapy (BMT & MSC)
  • Grade D suite with closed processing in 2 Grade A isolators: Cell & Gene Therapy
  • Additional controlled rate freezer room for cell freezing
  • Controlled non-classified area comprising cryostore (sited on Ground floor), cold pack, prep and waste treatment

Common area & sample handling (outside CTU):

  • QC lab
  • Changing rooms
  • Meeting room
  • Write up room/hot desk area
  • Staff refreshment room
  • GMP Storage Facility


CTU Director: Professor Anil Dhawan

CTU Quality Director: Penny Bligh

Senior Lab Technician: Laura Tolley

Lab Technician: Ayesha Khatun