Experimental Medicine Facility

Entry to both floors of the EMF is via the main hospital corridors of King’s College Hospital. The CRF has a purpose built, security-controlled entrance on the first floor, with an additional ground floor entrance - both are which accessible to people with disabilities and those who require step-free access. 

Facilities include:

First floor:

  • 4 x Interview rooms with video recording and observation facility
  • 2 x Clinical rooms
  • 6 x Infusion/phlebotomy chairs
  • 2 x EEG recording rooms (including one supine plus capacity for repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) imaging)
  • 1 x Virtual Reality suite
  • 1 x Physiotherapy suite
  • Patient recreation area (including balcony area)
  • Sample processing room with calibrated centrifuge, fridge, pharmacy fridge and -20°C freezer (with remote temperature monitoring) 

Ground floor:

  • 2 x High Dependency beds for acute/intensive care
  • 4 x ward beds (directly supervised through nursing station) including 2 x isolated side rooms
  • IT data room
  • Secure Cryostore
  • MRI Suite (administered by the Neuroimaging Department of King’s College London):
    • 3Tesla GE Healthcare MR750 MRI scanner installed in 2011 (with RF coils for neuro (brain, cerebro-vascular and spine), abdominal and extremity imaging. The scanner also includes capabilities for multi-nuclear spectroscopy (1H, 13C and 31P). The primary clinical target of this unit is the application of MRI to the study of acute and chronic presentations of traumatic brain injury (head trauma, stroke and tumour).  To facilitate this, the unit is also equipped with all devices necessary to monitor and maintain anaesthetised patients while scanning. 
    • Clinical Preparation Area - equipped with all facilities necessary for clinical assessment of patients and healthy control subjects prior to and after scanning with an RF screened hatc to collect blood samples from subjects whilst being scanned. The room also contains a high-speed centrifuge and a -20C freezer for short-term storage of serum samples for subsequent analysis