Lumen, 6, is autistic and non-verbal. This is what his brother (Enlai), father (Keith) and mother (Lisha) said about him.

"I just want to see him happy. He is a very happy and affectionate little boy, and he was born into the right family." 

- Keith

"To be honest, when we are here alone together […] it’s so nice. It’s quiet, there is no guesswork as far as conversations go. And I tried to tell Enlai there is such a thing: economy of language. He [Lumen] has changed my whole idea of what language is. I just want him to be happy and I want him to be able to tell me if he is happy."

- Lisha

"He gets upset because he can’t express all the time his feelings, but I think it’s amazing to have him, because he shows me another side to life. Even if I could change Lumen to be non-autistic, I definitely wouldn’t."

- Enlai