Group of older women sitting on chairs in a row

Participate in our dementia research

How can I help?

  • If you’re interested in becoming involved you could volunteer to become a research participant
  • A research participant can be anyone with or without a diagnosis of dementia who fits our research criteria

Will participating help me?

  • Participating in our research may not directly benefit you. However, being a research participant can be a positive experience
  • You will learn about cutting edge treatments for dementia
  • You may have regular health and memory checks
  • Your participation will help others in years to come

Quotes from our participants

‘As a person who does not have dementia I have chosen to participate in research to help solve this devastating disease. But at the same time I benefit from excellent supervision of my memory and general health.’
Angela, Research Participant

‘It’s been a very positive experience and everyone’s been really great and supportive. For me, it’s as much about helping other people in the future as it is helping myself right now, I think it’s a very worthy cause.’
Reg, Research Participant

Interested in hearing more?

If you, a friend or family member are interested in hearing more about helping with our research, please get in touch:

Memory Research Team 
020 7848 0626