DATAMIND is the Health Data Research Hub for Mental Health funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC) and Health Data Research (HDR) UK. The Hub is led by researchers from King's College London and Swansea University and will improve the discoverability and usability of diverse data sources for research to help improve the lives of people with mental health problems. 

Our Mental Health Data Research Hub makes the most of the UK’s rich mental health data and enable coordinated research, with the ultimate aim of improving lives. The Hub will transform mental health research in the UK by providing a central, integrated data infrastructure with findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR) mental health data sets. This means data from diverse sources, underpinned by expertise and innovation, by principles of responsible use, and by public participation, for use across universities, the NHS, the charitable sector, policy makers, and industry.

In partnership with charity MQ: Transforming Mental Health, the hub will support the development of the public’s involvement in mental health research to ensure that valuable contributions are included from those with lived experience. The hub will also work alongside MQ to build capacity and strengthen expertise in this increasingly important area of research through the charity’s data science conferences and skills development workshops.

The Hub infrastructure will be located at four lead sites covering the four UK nations. We will index and curate data across participating organizations for research, development, and innovation. The Hub is continuously cataloguing relevant UK data rich in mental health information, including from gene studies, routine care, volunteer cohorts, and trials (often through the Catalogue of Mental Health Measures), as well as novel data from schools and charities. It will allow researchers to discover them, and therefore use them, through the HDR UK Innovation Gateway.

Help us shape DATAMIND’s training and career development opportunities for #EarlyCareerResearchers in mental health data science. If you have experience, or interest in, using data for mental health research we’d love to hear from you. Complete our short survey using the link below!




Ann John, Principal Investigator and Co-Director of DATAMIND, Health Data Research Hub for Mental Health. Professor of Public Health and Psychiatry at Swansea University.

Rob Stewart, Co-Director of DATAMIND, Health Data Research Hub for Mental Health, and Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology and Clinical Informatics at Kings College London

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