Professor Andrew Pickles

Professor Andrew Pickles

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Professor Andrew Pickles is the lead of our Bioinformatics and Statistics theme.

My early work in the field of psychology and psychiatry focused on epidemiological studies concerned with revealing the aetiology of behavioural and mental health problems, examining these as developmental processes. This highlighted risk factors, general and specific, genetic and environmental, their immediate effects, those that persisted or became evident over time and experiences that contributed to or interrupted that continuity. A shift of focus onto very early experience has highlighted the very responsive behaviour and physiology of the foetus and infant to external stimuli and how these differ between boys and girls.  More recently, and influenced by the award of the Biomedical Research Centre, my work shifted towards testing the potential impact of interventions both as therapeutic interventions for those with clear disorder and also prevention trials aimed at interrupting the early aetiology.  A major focus of my work has been in autism spectrum disorder.

While grounded in the context of patients, those at high risk or the general population managing the demands of daily life, my work has frequently required the application of novel or non-standard statistical modelling. Much of this has been informed by my involvement in the gllamm project which generalized multilevel and latent variable modelling. 


MA, MSc, PhD, FRSS, FMedSci

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Pickles A, Harris V, Green J, Aldred C, McConachie H, Slonims V, Le Couteur A, Hudry K, Charman T; the PACT Consortium (2014) Treatment mechanism in the MRC preschool autism communication trial: implications for study design and parent-focussed therapy for children. J Child Psychol Psychiatry. 2014 Jul 8. doi: 10.1111/jcpp.12291

Green, J; Charman, Tony; McConachie, H; Aldred, C; Slonims, V; Howlin, P; Le Couteur, A; Leadbitter, K; Hudry, K; Byford, S; Barrett, B; Temple, K; Macdonald, W; Pickles, A. Parent-mediated communication-focused treatment in children with autism (PACT): a randomised controlled trial. Lancet, 2010. 375(9732): p. 2152-2160.
Pickles, A., Wadsworth, M. & Maughan, B. (Eds) (2007) Methods in Life Course Epidemiology. Oxford University Press, Oxford.


Bioinformatics and Statistics

Our bioinformatics and statistics research integrates clinical data from patient records to better understand psychiatric disorders.

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