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Psychosis Research Group - University of Birmingham

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Group Lead Professor Rachel Upthegrove

Professor of Psychiatry and Youth Mental Health at the University of Birmingham, and Consultant Psychiatrist in the Birmingham Early Intervention Services.


Presentation overview

Our group are interested in the heterogeneity of symptoms and underlying mechanisms relevant to psychosis and other youth mental health disorders, and this includes investigation using neuroimaging, biological samples with a data science approach to identify new treatment targets, and the potential of repurposed agents. We have been key investigators in the multicentre PRONIA study, developing multimodal prognostic tools in early psychosis management. Current funded research includes the PIMS  (Psychosis immune mechanism stratified medicine) study and ADEPP (Antidepressants for the prevention of depression following first episode psychosis). This group presentation will outline recent analyses using data driven approaches to interrogate heterogeneity in early mental health disorders.


Dr Lowri Griffiths

Structure and stability of symptoms in non-remitted first episode psychosis

Dr Sian Lowri Griffiths, PhD is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow working on the Psychosis Immune Mechanism Stratified Medicine Study (PIMS). She has extensive experience working on large clinical studies in psychosis. Her research interests include treatment outcomes and incomplete recovery in first episode psychosis.

Dr Jack Rogers

Neurobiological and Environmental Risk Factors for Conduct Problems in Adolescents

Dr Jack Rogers, PhD, is a lecturer in psychology and youth mental health based at the Institute for Mental Health, University of Birmingham. His research investigates the behavioural and neural substrates associated with the development and prognosis of antisocial, aggressive and impulsive behaviour in children and adolescents which helps inform early intervention and treatment strategies.


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