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As a consequence of the huge and increasing volumes of available data, biomedical research is undergoing a paradigm shift, with considerable potential for translation to improve health care.

Our theme in informatics integrates rich clinical data from patient records with large variable datasets including genomics, epigenetics, proteomics, neuroimaging, wearables and others, to better understand psychiatric disorders.

With patient-led governance, we have developed internationally unique data resources and low-cost, open-source solutions available to all. These have already transformed research capacity and are presenting clear opportunities to transform clinical care.  

Our theme is responsible for our Clinical Record Interactive Search (CRIS) system which allows analysis of routine electronic medical records from South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. It also links with internal and external datasets to maximise the research potential of these data.

Data linkages include the MRC eLIXIR (Early Life Cross Linkage in Research) cohort, generated from linked maternity, neonatal/child health, mental health, and primary care records across King’s Health Partners Trusts. The eLIXIR programme is helping to explore the ‘life-course’ of some of the most common diseases in real-time.

We are leaders in applied healthcare text analytics, with a suite of more than 100 natural language processing algorithms developed to date and AI based NLP approaches (CogStack MedCAT) . These have ‘unlocked’ hitherto unrealised detailed information on clinical care and patients’ experiences. We lead the HDR UK national healthcare text analytics

We are also a co-partner in DATAMIND which is the Health Data Research Hub for Mental Health that is optimising the discoverability and usability of diverse data sources for research to help improve the lives of people with mental health conditions. 

Our theme is building on existing expertise in data science, AI, software engineering, with robust patient and public involvement/engagement (PPIE), to translate data-driven insights into measurable patient benefit. 

We continue to expand our mental healthcare-linked data resources and methods and extend our real-world data collection by linking self-report, wearable data platforms (RADAR-base) and electronic health records   

We are translating our research into live NHS systems, enabling new models of blended clinical care and value-based medicine


Professor Richard Dobson

Theme Lead

Professor of Medical Informatics, King's IoPPN
Professor Rob Stewart

Deputy Theme Lead

Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology & Clinical Informatics, King's IoPPN
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