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Resources to support involvement

We have provided links to a few websites you may find useful on the topics listed below:

General information for PPI members

  • Click here for a guide for people who want to share their lived experience 
  • Click here for a guide for public members new to involvement in health and care research
  • Click here for the UK Standards for public involvement 
  • Click here for the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) resources for partnering with the public

Involving people online

  • Click here for tips and tricks and links to useful other guidance documents 
  • Click here for a guide to creating and running virtual meetings and events 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

  • Click here for a toolkit which captures best practice on how to improve the participation of Black and Asian minority ethnic groups in research
  • Click here for a toolkit to support researchers developing applications with, and for, diverse communities
  • Click here for the NIHR Race Equality Framework 
  • Click here for an article about the importance of reaching out to communities
  • Click here for details about making health and social care information accessible  
  • Click here for a a guide on payments for PPI members


  • Click here for a guide on co-production including key principles and key features
  • Click here for a document with eight essential elements for effective co-production and involvement activities