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7. Improving practice with reflection and evaluation

It is essential to have continuous improvement of our PPIE practices to ensure close involvement of service users in governance and research and to remain at the forefront of developments in the PPIE field. We will continue to follow the success implemented in our previous BRC and extend it. Our programme of work will:

  • Include an annual online survey of our support infrastructure services (i.e., Fast-R, the SUAG, Young Persons group, Adolescent Group and the Digital support group).
  • We will run an equivalent survey with service users and carers who have been involved in BRC projects and programmes, to map the benefits which people may get from being involved.
  • We plan to evaluate the minutes of our SUAG and interview members of the Advisory groups in years 2 and 3 of this BRC (see milestones)
  • We will continue to collaborate with PPIE leads within other BRCs to share ideas, information and good practice as we did with the Oxford BRC.
  • We will describe, compare, and contrast the PPIE models developed in each research theme. These models may be different depending on the participants group and the specific projects and more or less successful.


Programme of Activities and Research


Strategic Oversight

Service users have been involved in developing BRC strategy, future direction, and the funding application

Supporting research through providing resources

We host a range of advisory groups, as well as providing training and guidance

Leadership and Lines of Reporting

Strategic management, resources and governance with involvement of service users

Monitoring, reviewing, reporting and measuring

How we will review and measure our success and impact

Conducting research

Enhancing opportunites for service user input into research

Public engagement

Engaging national and local publics with our research and with mental health more broadly