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What’s your sound barrier? Nearly 1 in 5 people in the UK find everyday sounds intolerable

Researchers from King’s College London and University of Oxford have shown that 18.4 per cent of the general UK population report that certain sounds, such as loud chewing, and repetitive sniffing, cause a significant problem in their lives. The condition is known as misophonia.

By NIHR Maudsley BRC at 22 Mar 2023

NIHR appoints Senior Investigators for 2023

Paola Dazzan, NIHR Maudsley BRC Co-Lead for the Psychosis and Mood Disorders Theme, and Professor of Neurobiology of Psychosis and Vice Dean (International) at Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) at King’s College London has been appointed to the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) College of Senior Investigators for 2023 in the 16th round of the Senior Investigator competition.

By NIHR Maudsley BRC at 1 Mar 2023

Mental Health Nurses' Day: An interview with Kete, a Mental Health Nurse

For Mental Health Nurses' Day, we spoke to Kete, a Mental Health Nurse at the King's Clinical Research Facility (CRF) about her role and her experience working on Mental Health Clinical Trials.  

By NIHR Wellcome King's Clinical Research Facility at 21 Feb 2023

Mental health, welfare and state support: the potential of combining different datasets

Many of us will know someone who may have been affected by a mental health difficulty and as a result has been unable to work, whether that’s temporarily or permanently. This has a huge impact on the millions of lives of those affected as well as their families, friends and colleagues, and the wider society, as it costs billions of pounds each year. In this blog, Dr Sharon Stevelink, Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, and NIHR Advanced Fellow, looks at the potential for linking data sets to understand the impact of the benefits system on mental health and work.

By NIHR Maudsley BRC at 16 Feb 2023

Amelia Te appointed as Team Lead for King’s Clinical Research Facility (CRF)

We congratulate Amelia Te on her appointment as the Team Lead for King’s Clinical Research Facility (CRF). Amelia will work alongside John Villajin, the current CRF team lead to support and encourage the CRF nursing team.

By NIHR Wellcome King's Clinical Research Facility at 27 Jan 2023