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This week, we talk with Dani Nebres, who works as a Lead Nurse at the King's Clinical Research Facility (CRF) about his role and his experience at the CRF.


Please tell us about yourself?

Hi! I am Dani, a lead nurse at King's Clinical Research Facility. Originally from the Philippines, I moved to the UK in 2002 to work as an A/E nurse. However, I soon found my passion in clinical research nursing and have been on an enriching journey ever since.

What is your role at King's Clinical Research Facility?

As the Lead Nurse, my role is to oversee the clinical setup of our team, ensuring that we provide excellent research delivery while fostering positive relationships with our colleagues and partners. Being a Lead Nurse requires extensive knowledge and experience in research process, delivery, and management.

What is the most interesting part of your role? 

To be part of the first human trials and or be part of the research delivery team on a drug that could become a life-changing treatment for our patients makes the day-to-day activities in my role interesting. Working with a multi-disciplinary team with different specialities always allows you to learn. 

In addition, being a lead nurse in clinical research who once started in an entry-level position, I find it fulfilling to see staff members develop into their full potential. Through education, strategic leadership and leading by example, the CRF management team encourages and enables professional and personal growth for the staff. It is interesting to think that you become a part of their professional growth; A legacy would mark a lasting impression on people, and for me, that legacy is the art of creating future leaders in research.

What is the importance of research in Healthcare? 

Research in Healthcare is a must. Repeatedly, research has proven to everyone that it is a vital part of an efficient healthcare system; without research, no evidence-based studies enable life-changing treatments for patients or improve the existing care. One perfect example I would like to highlight is how research was vital during the pandemic. It is through research that COVID vaccines were developed, and these vaccines saved lives. 

Without research, there will be no innovations in patient care, new ways of diagnosing or curing diseases, and no means of ending a pandemic. 

What do you like about working at the CRF?

The CRF is a healthcare institution of diversity and culture. What I love about the CRF is that equal opportunities are provided to all the staff members. People are kind and respectful, and we work as a team with compassion towards our colleagues and patients while maintaining a certain degree of excellence. 


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