King's CRF Nurse Team Lead: Why I love research

John Lord Villajin for the NIHR Shape the Future Campaign


As part of the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Shape the Future Campaign, we spoke with John Lord Villajin, who is the nurse team lead at the King's Clinical Research Facility (CRF) about his experience as a clinical researcher and why he loves research.

What initially sparked your interest and inspired you to work in research?

"As a child, I dreamt of becoming a doctor to help people, but due to financial difficulties in the Philippines, I could not pursue medicine. However, when I came to the UK, I discovered that anyone interested and dedicated could pursue a career in Clinical Research. This fuelled my drive to work in this field, as it is the closest I could get to helping patients".

What do you love about working in research?

"I find great happiness and satisfaction in clinical research because I know that I am helping both current and future patients, as well as society as a whole while conducting clinical trials. I am constantly learning and being exposed to new feats and medical breakthroughs. Patients' and knowledge are just a few factors that make my job worthwhile!"

How has your research impacted or will impact patients, colleagues, the public, or the NHS?

"I have been in Clinical Research for over 10 years, starting my career as a Research Technician. Over time, I have seen how our work has improved patients' quality of life. This motivates me and my colleagues to continue our careers in Clinical Research. At Kings CRF, our focus is always on patients' safety and public well-being. With overwhelming support from our Investigators and collaborations with other Researchers, we strive to evolve the care we provide in the NHS for the better".


 For more information about the Shape the Future campaign, visit Shape the future, add research to your career | NIHR


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