Mental Health Nurses' Day


For Mental Health Nurses' Day, we spoke to Kete, a Mental Health Nurse at the King's Clinical Research Facility (CRF) about her role and her experience working on Mental Health Clinical Trials.  

Talking about her experience, Kete said:

"As a mental health nurse working in clinical trials, my role is to provide specialized care to participants and monitor their mental health status throughout the study. I am responsible for screening potential participants for the trial to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria and provide information to them about the study.

I conduct mental health assessments of participants at various points in the trial to evaluate their symptoms and monitor their progress. To assess mental health, I may use questionnaires, interviews, and observation. I administer medications or other treatments as part of the trial protocol, ensuring that participants receive the correct dose of medication and monitoring any potential side effects.

Support and education

I also provide support and education to participants in the trial, helping them develop coping strategies to manage their symptoms and providing information about mental health resources available to them. I document all aspects of the trial, including participant assessments, medication administration, and any adverse events or side effects that occur.

My role in mental health clinical trials is critical in ensuring the safety and well-being of participants. I bring specialized expertise and knowledge to the study team, helping to ensure that the trial is conducted in an ethical and effective manner. I am proud to contribute to advancing our understanding of mental health conditions and improving treatments for those who need them."

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By NIHR Wellcome King's Clinical Research Facility at 21 Feb 2023, 16:42 PM

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